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dan gone west.

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Iens Peter







dan gone west
Recorded in Medley Studios – October 2015

  • Lead vocal: Iens Peter "Hugo Rocksanger" Simonsen
  • Guitars: Jens Gerlif
  • Bass: Henrik West
  • Drums: Lars la Cour
  • Harmonica: Thomas Melau
  • Backing Vocals: Maria Gerlif Pilegaard, Hanne Pilegaard, Anna Mathilde Jessen, Dan Hougesen, HC Röder Jessen, Lars Rahbek Andresen, Henrik West
  • Rhodes: HC Röder Jessen
  • Hammond: Soren Oakes Christensen
  • Saxophones: Kasper Wagner - Trumpets: Peter W. Kehl
  • All songs written by: Gerlif & Simonsen
  • All lyrics written by: Simonsen
  • Produced by: Dan Hougesen & Henrik West
  • Mixed by: Henrik West
  • Assistant: Frederik Cupello
  • Mastered by: Lars Andresen
  • Photo's & Artwork by: Mads Guldager & Karsten Hede


After an amazing release party, we are now announcing a new concert. We are participating in the DANISH BLUES CHALLENGE 2016 among 2 other bands. The winner of this challenge will qualify for the European Blues Challenge, so we are counting on your support!

What, where, when and how?

What: A competition for the best blues band in the land!

Where: At Kedelhuset in Silkeborg.

When: 29-10-2016

How: There is no how, there is rock! More information to come.

We are now announcing the release party for the album: dan gone west.

To properly celebrate the first professionally produced album, we decided to throw a concert for all of you.

For more information, look below:

What, where, when and how?

What: A big, rockin' and cool release party!

Where: At Mojo Blues Bar in Løngangstræde 21C, 1468 København K.

When: 11-05-2016, the concert start at 17:00 and ends at 20:00

How: There is no how, there is rock.
Free entrance and cheap, cold beers, so show up with your friends and lovers and enjoy a great evening with fellow rock n' rollers


PARAGRAPH8IGHT was formed in the early eighties when we met at the P.O. Pedersen Collegium in Kgs. Lyngby near Copenhagen, Denmark.

The band name comes from a certain PARAGRAPH 8 of the Collegium regulations, which gave a designated person the power to keep the peace and quiet at the collegium. We took over this job – along with beer sales in the basement - and from then on all complaints were dismissed!

The band started as an instrumental trio; Jens Gerlif, Chris Gjerulff, Jesper Stannow, but after passing the difficult audition, Hugo (Iens Simonsen) quickly joined as the lead singer – his only experience being that he was a High School musical singer when he was an exchange student in Canada. A few years later Thomas Melau joined on the harmonica.

We were supposed to study to become engineers and other serious careers – but Rock n Roll prolonged the educations with about 2 additional years. It didn't matter – we had fun, wrote many of our own songs and also recorded a few at a cheap study somewhere in Copenhagen. The result was awful - but we did get a little radio airtime on the Danish radioprogram, P3.

Stannow moved to Germany and the drums have been played by Lars Lacour for the past 3 years.

Iens moved to Canada for 5 years and the band changed name to Correspondance due to the distance. However we are back where we started - with the original name: PARAGRAPH8IGHT.

After all these years, there was a feeling of unfulfillment of never really recording our best songs.

We therefore decided to give it a shot at the finest studio in Denmark (Medley Studios) with some of Denmarks best people to produce and even play along on the album.

Our friend and bass player since the beginning - Chris - sadly passed away in the summer of 2015. We decided to continue the project and the album is naturally dedicated to him and his family.

The album title ’dan gone west’ is a tribute to the producers Dan Hougesen and Henrik West - who also played along with some of their awesome professional friends.

A huge thank you also to Mette, Manfred and Torsten at Iceberg Records for helping with the Vinyl and CD production and ’our’ ICECOOL label...

Our dream came true and then some!

Please enjoy and spread the word.


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